Justin Trudeau is Canada’s Next Prime Minister, Time to Hold Him to Account #elctn42

Justin Trudeau will be the next Prime Minister of Canada. The Liberal Party of Canada won a majority government, defeating incumbent Stephen Harper. The next Parliament of Canada will look like this:

Liberal Party: 184

Conservative Party: 99

New Democratic Party: 44

Bloc Québécois: 10

Green Party: 1

All of the party leaders were re-elected on Monday night, except for Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, who lost in his riding of Laurier–Sainte–Marie.

Now that the election is over, it is time to hold the Liberal Party to the promises they made in the election campaign, as they have a majority of seats in Parliament and control the government agenda. Here are some of the Liberal key election promises:

  1. Increase federal infrastructure investment to almost $125 billion, from the current $65 billion, over the next decade. Provide new, dedicated funding to provinces, territories, and municipalities for public transit, social infrastructure and green infrastructure.
  2. Reduce EI premiums drop to $1.65 per $100 earned from $1.88. That’s less than the $1.49 rate that the Tories committed to in the 2015 budget, but the Liberals say the extra money would be reinvested, with $500 million going to the provinces for skills training. Reduce wait times for a first EI payment to one week from two at a cost of $710 million.
  3. Lower the federal income tax rate to 20.5 per cent on incomes between $44,700 and $89,401, paying for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest one per cent. Bring in a new, tax-free child benefit to replace the Conservative universal child benefit.
  4. Spent $3 billion over four years on home care and improve access to and reduce the cost of prescription medications through bulk purchasing. Establish a pan-Canadian Expert Advisory Council on Mental Health.
  5. Scrap the purchase of the F-35 fighter jet and instead buy cheaper planes to replace the aging CF-18s and use the savings to pay for offshore Arctic patrol vessels for the navy being built in Halifax.
  6. Ease rules to speed up family reunification for immigrants. Scrap the visa requirement for Mexicans travelling to Canada.
  7. Bring in a merit-based appointment process for the Senate.
  8. Committed to exploring Parliamentary and Electoral reform in order to realign our institutions with democratic principles and to ensure more meaningful and effective representation.

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