Liberal Plan on Veterans Affairs Offices may not Reflect Election Promise

During the last election campaign, the new Liberal government made several promises in order to court the disgruntled veteran vote. Justin Trudeau accused the previous government of not supporting former members of Canada’s armed forces.

A major promise the Liberals made on the campaign was to re-open the 9 veterans affairs offices closed by the previous Conservative government. To most observers, this implied the Liberal party, if elected, would re-open the offices that the previous government closed in their previous locations.

This may not be the case. Kent Hehr, the new Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of Defense, appearing on CBC’s Power & Politics indicated that the locations may be moved to a place where more veterans are concentrated. The minister stated the offices would be located where they would be most utilized.

The previous government had come under harsh criticism for cutting veterans services in order to save money. This clearly seems to be a broken promise to veterans if the 9 offices are not opened in their original locations. The new government is free to open more than 9 if they wish to improve services to veterans, but they are obliged to open the 9 they said they would.


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