Prime Minister Trudeau makes Ministerial Mandate Letters Public

Prime Minister Trudeau released his minister’s mandate letters to help Canadians “hold us accountable” to their election promises. The letters detail policy objectives that were promised during the election campaign, some of which continue to lack detail. This release was a first of its kind for federal ministers/departments.

The letters outline an approach to government that is heavily focused on consultation and partnerships with aboriginal people, provinces and territories, parliamentarians, public servants and engagement with the public through media. Much of it is about striking a different tone, one that stresses openness, transparency and accountability. Cabinet committees and individual ministers are to track and report on the progress of commitments, and to place a priority on improving the relationship with indigenous peoples. All ministers are expected to make merit-based appointments that ensure gender parity and diversity are reflected in positions of leadership.

The letters were posted publicly on the Prime Minister’s website.


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