Geoff Regan named the new Speaker of the House of Commons

Veteran Liberal MP Geoff Regan from the riding of Halifax West, was chosen for the role of Speaker of the House by a secret ballot of members of Parliament on Thursday.

In his acceptance speech, Regan said he was honoured to be the first member of Parliament from Atlantic Canada in nearly 100 years to be elected as Speaker. He also saluted his parents, Carole and Gerald Regan, who were sitting in the gallery inside the House of Commons. His father, Gerald, served as premier of Nova Scotia in the 1970s and later as a minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

The new Speaker put all members of Parliament on notice, telling them that he would not tolerate a lack of decorum in the House of Commons.

“My role as your Speaker, is to be fair. And I want to assure you I intend to be fair and I intend to be firm,” Regan said.

“I will not tolerate heckling,” Regan said to some good-natured ribbing before adding, “we don’t need it.”

“And we will not tolerate unparliamentary conduct,” he said.


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