Liberal Government possibly backing away from Door-to-Door Mail Promise

The new Liberal government may be backing away from their promise to restore door-to-door mail delivery for everyone.

The government has imposed a moratorium on the installation of community mailboxes and will work to ensure that Canadians have the services they need. They indicated that people who do not have a super mailbox will continue to receive door-to-door service, but left open the possibility that those who have lost their service may not get it back.

Public Works Minister Judy Foote stated “we are going to have a complete review of Canada Post and it will determine the next steps.” Her spokeswoman, Annie Trépanier, said: “All options are on the table.”

During the election, the Liberals promised to “save” home mail delivery.

The postal agency argued in 2013 that its business model was not financially viable. It began to convert one third of the five million households who received door-to-door mail delivery to a community mailbox system. By Oct. 15, approximately 850,000 addresses had been converted to community mailboxes. Canada Post said the move would save $80 million annually.

On Oct. 26, Canada Post announced it had temporarily suspended its program to convert door-to-door mail delivery into community mailboxes.


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