Parliament of Canada now accepting E-Petitions

The parliamentary petition process has gone digital, allowing people with a special interest in federal policy to sign their support electronically.

The move to improve grassroots democracy was initiated by British Columbia NDP MP Kennedy Stewart. His motion passed in the House last year, and formally came into effect Friday.

Under the new system, e-petitions that garner at least 500 signatures and are sponsored by an MP can be tabled in Parliament. That would require the government to provide a written response, posted online, within 45 days.

Previously, only paper petitions were accepted.

The new process will be reviewed in two years. At that time, British Columbia NDP MP Kennedy Stewart (the MP that initiated the process) hopes to include a requirement for one hour of parliamentary debate if a petition receives 100,000 signatures.

To sign an exiting petition, or to create a new one, visit the Parliament of Canada website.


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