Liberal Government rules out Referendum on Proposed Electoral Reform #cdnpoli

The Liberal Government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have ruled out a national referendum on their proposed electoral reform despite recent trends to the contrary.

Critics of the governments plan for electoral reform suggest the people should have a say on how their MPs are elected.

Government House Leader Dominic LeBlanc has indicated the government plans to use parliament to consult Canadians. They also suggested they will create a parliamentary committee to come up with options for replacing the first-past-the-post system.

The government is also being criticized for potentially using this process to instill a system that will keep the Liberals in power. Prime Minister Trudeau has suggested in the past he prefers a system of ranked ballot. In this system, voters rank the candidates in order of preference. If the leading candidate doesn’t have 50% support after the ballots are counted, the last place candidate is dropped, and the people who voted for this candidate use their second choice. The process continues until the winning candidate has over 50% support.

It is believed this system would benefit the Liberal party the most, as they are considered the second choice of most voters. Prime Minister Trudeau re-iterated that this process is not an effort to improve the electoral prospects of the Liberal Party.


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