Official Opposition Critical of Parliamentary Committee responsible for Reviewing Security Issues #cdnpoli

The Conservative Party is highly critical of the new statutory committee of parliamentarians responsible for reviewing security-related issues. They are also concerned about the January 8th announcement that veteran Liberal MP David McGuinty will have a “leadership role”.

In a press release the Conservatives state that the announcement came without “any meaningful dialogue with the security and intelligence community in Canada and without any consultation with parliamentarians.”

Forming the committee was an election promise and part of the mandate letter Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote to Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale.

A press release sent out by the prime minister’s office Friday said a more detailed proposal “will be brought forward in the coming months,” in order to “meet its stated goal of strengthening national security oversight.”

The proposed review process would give all parliamentarians on the committee sufficient security clearance to be briefed confidentially on national security and intelligence matters, in order to serve as a check and balance against agencies overstepping legal bounds or violating human rights.


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