Liberal Government seeks to repeal Conservatives changes to Citizenship #cdnpoli

Immigration Minister John McCallum introduced Bill C-24, An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act. The changes would repeal the legislation passed by the previous Conservative government.

The Conservative government passed legislation that would allow the government to take away citizenship of those Canadians with dual citizenship who were convicted of terrorist acts or crimes against the interests of Canada.

When in opposition, the Liberal part criticized the previous Conservative government saying it was creating two classes of citizen.

The Liberal government will retain the right to revoke citizenship of a Canadian when they are proven to have acquired Canadian citizenship under false pretenses.

The only Canadian to have his/her citizenship revoked was Zakaria Amara, a member of the Toronto 18, who was sentenced in 2010 for conspiring to commit terrorism.

The bill proposed by the Liberal government is controversial, as it will restore Amara’s Canadian ¬†citizenship if passed.


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