Government Appoints Four-Member Panel to Review Canada Post #cdnpoli

The federal government has appointed a four-member independent panel to conduct a formal review of Canada Post. Public Services Minister Judy Foote said the review would not rule out anything, including a review of whether or not the crown corporation should continue door-to-door mail delivery.

Members of the panel are:

Françoise Bertrand (chair) — A former chair of the CRTC and former CEO of Télé-Quebec

Krystyna Hoeg — A chartered accountant who sits on the board of several Canadian companies and organizations, including Sun Life Financial and Shoppers Home Health Care

Jim Hopson — A former educator and professional football player who most recently served as president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Marena McLaughlin — A former senior federal public servant now working as a consultant

The federal Liberal Party campaigned in the last election that they would restore door-to-door mail delivery service. The Liberal platform stated they would “undertake a new review of Canada Post to make sure that it provides high-quality service at a reasonable price to Canadians, no matter where they live.”

The minister stated that home delivery would be restored, but that it may not be 5 days a week. She stated she did not want to pre-judge the decision of the panel. She indicated that privatization is not on the table with this review.

Seniors groups are criticizing the plan, saying the government is using the review as cover to break an election promise.

A parliamentary committee will also hear what Canadians want from their national postal system, aiming to report back to Parliament by the end of 2016.


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