Liberal Delegates vote to adopt new Party Constitution at Convention #cdnpoli #LPC

Delegates at the Liberal Party policy convention in Winnipeg voted in favour of adopting proposed changes to the party constitution. The result of the vote was 1,988 for and 66 against.

The prime minister’s intervention, combined with some eleventh-hour amendments, helped secure the vote.

The new streamlined party constitution does away with the concept of membership. Anyone willing to register for free as a Liberal will in future be entitled to vote in leadership and nomination contests, attend conventions and take part in policy development.

Some grassroots Liberals had said they felt intimidated by the heavy-handed tactics used to rally support for the proposal, with Liberal MPs and party staffers lobbying hard among the delegates.

One of the biggest complaints was about the amount of discretion the proposed constitution would give to the leader and the party’s national board to devise bylaws governing all manner of party operations, including registration of Liberals, policy development, riding associations and the party’s provincial wings and various commissions.

One of the last minute amendments included inserting the preamble from the old constitution into the new one.

Source: Huffington Post Canada


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