Government voluntarily gives up Majority on Electoral Reform Committee #electoralreform #cdnpoli

Maryam Monsef, Minister of Democratic Institutions says the government will support an NDP motion that would see the electoral reform committee’s membership reflect each party’s share of the popular vote in the last election.

The government will have five seats, three for the Conservatives, two for the NDP, and one seat each for the Bloc Québécois and Green parties.

The new committee structure means at least two parties will have to support the committee’s proposal.

The Conservatives accused the Liberals and NDP of making a back-room deal to push forward their desired reforms. The insist any changes to the electoral system should be put to a national referendum.

Once the committee is struck, it will have less than six months to report with recommendations to overhaul the electoral system.

Elections Canada has said legislation would have to be put forward in early 2017 to make ready for the next federal election in 2019.

Source: Toronto Star


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