Discussion Topic: Un-elected Senate Modifying Bills from the Elected House of Commons #cdnpoli #weeklydiscussion

I am introducing a new feature to the blog this week;  The Weekly Discussion.

This weeks topic: Should the un-elected senate be able to amend bills passed by the elected House of Commons?

The senate is currently debating the controversial Assisted-Dying Bill, C-14 which will make doctor-assisted death legal in Canada as per the Supreme Court ruling in the Carter case.

The senate is proposing several amendments which must go back to the House of Commons for approval. The House may accept some or all of the amendments, or send the bill back to the senate in its original form. The bill will not pass until both houses can agree on a final bill.

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose doesn’t feel the senate has the legitimacy to change the laws passed by the elected House. “We have the courts making laws in this country and now we have an unelected Senate changing the laws of an elected House.”

Does the Canadian senate have a role in making laws in Canada? Or do you agree with Rona Ambrose that the senate lacks legitimacy because they are un-elected?

Have your say in the comments below:


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