Doctor-Assisted Dying bill now law after passing final vote in the Senate #cdnpoli @Puglaas

The Liberal governments  doctor-assisted dying bill is now law after passing a final vote in the senate. It was approved with a vote of 44-28.

The bill was voted through after a final bid by senators failed to expand the scope of who qualifies for a doctor-assisted death.

Senator Peter Harder, the government’s representative in the Senate, put forward the motion that the Senate should approve the amended bill and “accept the message passed by the House of Commons.”

The Senate originally passed the bill with seven amendments which included a rewriting of the provisions for who is eligible to received medical assistance in dying.

The House of Commons rejected the changes to the bill which expanded eligibility. MPs voted 190 to 108 in favour of Bill C-14, sending it back to the Red Chamber for further consideration.

The government did accept Senate amendments on palliative care, regulations around death certificates and a requirement that issues around medically-assisted dying be reported back to Parliament within two years.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his government’s decision to reject the Senate’s biggest recommended change to the bill.

“We respect the Senate’s perspective … but we do not want to affect the fundamental balance that we achieved in this piece of legislation between protecting vulnerable Canadians and allowing for rights and freedoms.”

Source: CBC


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