Tony Clement launches campaign to become next Conservative leader #cdnpoli #CPC

Conservative MP Tony Clement launched his campaign to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Clement made the announcement surrounded by supporters in Mississauga, Ont., promising he is the “leader, who represents the experience, and the innovation, who can win back the trust of Canadians in suburban and urban communities alike across the land.”

Clement said he was “tested, and ready today, to earn back the confidence of families, of millennials, of moms and dads, of urban and rural Canadians, and of small business leaders, and seniors who want government to be an empowering force for good.”

A former minister in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, Clement spoke at length about his roots as an immigrant from the United Kingdom who was brought up on strong family values.

Clement also cited his experience as the former minister of health for the Ontario Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris.

This is Clement’s second run at the party’s leadership. In 2004 he placed third against Harper and auto parts mogul Belinda Stronach.

Source: CBC


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