Government holding Public Consultations on National Security until December 1st #cdnpoli #c51

The government is asking the public to weigh in online on what it sees as 10 key national security topics, ranging from threat reduction to terrorist financing, as it moves toward amending the Anti-terrorism Act.

The discussion paper outlines the government’s main issues and asks the public specific questions on each topic.

The subjects are:

  1. Accountability
  2. Prevention
  3. Threat reduction
  4. Domestic national security information sharing
  5. Passenger protect program
  6. Criminal Code terrorism measures
  7. Terrorist entity listing procedures
  8. Terrorist financing
  9. Investigative capabilities in a digital world
  10. Intelligence and evidence

The consultation form includes questions such as, “What should the role of the government be in efforts to counter radicalization to violence?” and “In what circumstances, if any, should investigators have the ability to compel individuals or companies to assist with decryption?”

The Public Safety Department said it’s also open to general feedback and people can email in with other topics of concern.

Canadians have from Sept. 8 until Dec. 1 to weigh in online.

Source: CBC


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