Peter MacKay will not run for the Leadership of the Conservative Party #CPC #cdnpoli

Former cabinet minister Peter MacKay says he will not run for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“After much soul searching, advice from trusted friends, and weighing of the impact on my young family, I have decided not to seek the leadership of the party,” the Nova Scotia native said in a release late Monday afternoon.

“I choose not to run at this time for some of the same reasons I stated when I chose not to seek re-election last year. My family is my number 1 priority.”

MacKay said in the release that he considered a leadership bid over the summer months but ultimately decided to step aside to allow others to run.

“In fairness to others declared, and those in consideration, I feel it is time to decide so as not to negatively impact others,” he said.

MacKay was first elected as an MP in 1997 representing the rural Nova Scotia riding of Pictou–Antigonish–Guysborough. He did not run in the last election campaign and now works as a lawyer in Toronto.

Source: CBC


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