Discussion of the Week: Is there a “Statute of Limitations” on what can be used against a candidate running for public office? #cdnpoli #donaldtrump

Just when the US Presidential election couldn’t get crazier, a video from 2005 emerges of Donald Trump essentially saying he can get away with sexual assault because he is a celebrity. Republican nominee for President Trump indicated that these comments were just “locker room” talk, and don’t inform us about his feelings toward women.

A video that is only 10 years old should still inform us about a person’s character and moral judgement. Donald Trump was in his late 50’s when the video was recorded, so he wasn’t much younger than he is now. He wasn’t exactly naive about the nature of male/female relationships having been married multiple times. The only justification Trump could have made for the recording would have been to indicate he didn’t know he was being recorded.

While Trump should certainly be held accountable for the 2005 tape, I started thinking about other candidates/scenarios. Can things we said as children, or teens still be used against us as adults? Is there a significant period of time that we should be allowed to grow/mature/change our views on certain topics? If candidates aren’t allow to have mistakes from their past, would anyone run for public office?

Outside of the more scandalous things people have said, do we respect people who come to change their views, or do we simply mock them Jon Stewart style for flip-flopping and lacking values?

Let me know your feelings in the comments below:


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