Peter Julian steps down as NDP House Leader to consider Leadership Bid #NDP #cdnpoli

NDP MP Peter Julian is stepping down from his job as the party’s House leader to focus on a potential bid to succeed Tom Mulcair.

Julian said he will have discussions with people across the country before deciding if he will formally enter the race.

Julian, who was first elected in 2004 to represent the British Columbia riding of Burnaby–New Westminster, is bilingual and has served as the party’s critic for portfolios that include energy, natural resources and finance.

Source: CBC


NDP MPP Launches “Unofficial Bid” to become Federal NDP Leader #cdnpoli #NDP

Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo has announced her bid to become leader of the federal New Democratic Party. Her bid is considered “unofficial” because DiNovo is refusing to pay the $30,00.00 entry fee set by the federal party.

DiNovo is the first person to declare his/her candidacy.

DiNovo explained her objection to the entry fee: “I just feel in principle that’s wrong,” DiNovo said. “It shouldn’t be about the money. It shouldn’t be about how much money you can raise to buy buttons and bobbles to promote yourself. It should be about principles.”

DiNovo announced she will not be running for provincial re-election in 2018 but will continue to sit in the legislature until the election is called.

The NDP will choose a new leader in the fall of 2017.

A representative from NDP headquarters was unavailable to comment on the leadership race and DiNovo’s status as a candidate.

Source: Toronto Sun